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Friday Night Fades

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Offering athletes the opportunity to  build their brand the non traditional route,  FNF focuses on developing the story behind each fighter. Each man and women that steps into the FNF arena is on a mission to prove something not only to the world but to themselves. As an organization and as a community we are fortunate enough to  be able to capture these moments in high definition.  On the road to greatness many opportunities present themselves for us to become better fighters, better brands and better people. With thousands of watch hours logged within minutes of clips being circulated around the web, its evident to say that all brands are getting connected and exposed to a niche market of spectators who love to watch fights.


SEASON 2 comes with certain expectations , don't show up late if you want to make the fight.   FNF travels in the summer to test the strength of other cities and states, understand gladiators are coming to show off their skills. Don't expect to Travel with FNF if you can't throw hands with the FNF Season 1 squad.

3 Rounds

2 minutes

Bring your own mouthpiece

Must throw at least 10 punches or lose a pt.

NIL Marketing Deals offered to winners

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